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=> .Tuesday, September 08, 2009.

IS It Love or is it NOT!?
So how does we define love?
- Is it a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.
- Is it when someone hurts you. And you get so mad but you don't yell at him/her because you know it would hurt his/her feelings?
Today my story is not about myself. It about someone who stood so close to me and share all my troubles and problem throughout my 10years of knowing him. Many people have so many different view of the word "LOVE" . To me, i feel that my love have blossom. I had a good girlfriend. Good days. Good life. Some might say "Wow, you are a lucky chap" . Well all i can say is "Thank you" .
Sometime when people say LOVE is a powerful word, do you believe? I don't at first but now i got to accept and believe .
Dear Friend,
We have been such a good brother and buddy for ten long years, in the past we used to share our problems and happiness together. But now, things have really change. You keep saying that you are very stress, vex , useless , helpless and sad. So you think that the rest of us are feeling happy seeing you in this state. Its not easy to maintain such a long friendship like we did, we are all trying to help you. Do you know how sad are we when we see that you are going to give up on us for a girl you only known for a few months. As a friend for 10 years:
-WE can't call you when you are with her.
-WE can't meet you only when she nod her head and agree to let you out.
So is this your so call "HAPPINESS?"
-Scold you by pointing fingers at you while infront of your family and friends.
-Ordering you to do things like she's the boss .
-When she called you, you are so afraid till you must immediately pick up the call.
-When she's in a foul mood, she can scold you whatever she like.
-You must do thing her way , her style.
So is this what you called "LOVE". I'm really wondering , what did she do to you to make you so afraid of her and let you give up on us. Why do we gather at late nights to talk to you about this issue? Some of us still need to work and we don't mind staying till 3 to 4am and waking up at 6am. WHY ? WHY? WHY? cuz we never ever given up hope on you. We want you to step up of the "hole" . But you just don't listen to us. When you say "Can you all give me a break". My heart sank. So this is how you treat us because of her? There's a line to everything and i really feel that she had cross that line. There's always a limit to everything, you keep saying" Tolerate than very fast over one la. Just give in to her can le. Let her scold , its ok" So you are telling me you are planning to let this goes on for years??? Do you know you are actually hurting alot of people around you. No matter where the rest of us go. When we meet out, we always discuss on how to help you? how to make you understand? Love isn't this way. Happiness doesn't sound this way either. Lastly, i would like to say. Although it may sound bad but i still have to say. LEAVE HER FOR GOOD. No matter how the road looks like after that, we will always be there for you. If you feel like crying, we will cry with you. No matter how many obstacles we need to bring you through. I can promise you that we will follow you till you see that shinning light. I really pray and wish that you will heed our advice. Please , its time to come back.
Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.
Those who do not know how to weep with their whole heart do not know how to laugh either.
Best Regards
Eng Koon
Dear Ms Sweety Dear,
I just want to say, I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!
HELL YEAH!!! Just hope to see you soon!!!
A part of you has grown in me. And so you see, it's you and me together
forever and never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart.
Yours dearest

  • ``Life is only worth living once you've found someone worth dying for ``
    11:30 PM

  • => .Friday, May 08, 2009.

    Start Of Poly Life.. End Of NS Life

    This is the 3rd week of my poly life; I'm currently in the course of Property Development And Facilities Management. People keep saying that for the first few week of poly life it will be kinda relaxing but to me, what i hear and what is happening is totally different. For my 1st week in school, there is already project and assignments to do and for 2nd week, there’s already a presentation to be done. So do you call this 'relax'? After about 2 yrs of NS, I'm like a distant away from books. It’s time for me to get my mentality back. Assignment, Project, Presentation, Test, Exam,,etc... Bring it on!! lolx.. Tomorrow I will officially de-kit from my NPC. This means I have ORD!!!!Finally after about 2 yrs. Its over. Kinda have a mixed feeling about it. Happy to have finally ORD. Sad that I'll be leaving my that bunch of fun colleagues. Thanks to them, I'm able to learn and experiment a lot of things. Here I would like to thank them individually:

    Zulkefeli- Thanks for all the tolerant and patience you had shown towards me. Thanks for always giving in to me at times.

    Chua G K- Thanks for teaching me and guiding me along in the team. I would also like to thank you for taking care of me in the team. Fun learning table tennis, bowling with you.

    Alvin- Though i know you only for a few months but you have been a very good and understanding leader in my impression. Thanks for always being there to help me when I have any difficulties.

    Zuraine-Always remember that the first day I came to work, I have already make you so angry. Time flies; wish you all the best sister! Good Luck and all the best. Take good care of the new SCs ok.

    Lim P K- Seldom do with you, the first impression you give me was that you was like very fierce. Haha. Till I don’t even dare to talk to you when we first patrol together. But seriously you have been a good team member. Thanks for your guidance throughout my NS there.

    Desmond Lee- The coughing man. Always rmb that you always like to sing in the car(like andy lau voice) than when my head start to fall. You will say “Want to slp than slp la *cough*” You are the first one I patrol with. I can say you are a very experience PO. I always look up upon you. Too bad, you have left the team. But I think it’s good for you too. All the best in the future. Rmb to call me for mah-jong and bowling. *cough*

    Shariel- The die-hard Liverpool fans who always like to tease about my Newcastle. It had been a learning experience everytime I patrol with you. Seen alot of things while patrolling with ya. Though dangerous too at times when it comes to night time.lolx. Take care Shariel!! Newcastle rox!!

    Rashiddin- My FTO! Always rmb the first day we patrol together. Teaches me this and that. From wearing seatbelt in car and always want me to learn by right and not left. Always talk about your EVO. Haha. Time flies; the tiger and cub partnership has come to its end but I hope you this tiger still continue to work hard and fight crimes. All the way Tiger!

    Izuan- When talk about your name, I’ll always think of Tao Ching Rd. Thats the place when I first patrol with you that we go and you teach me on how to write my logsheet. Till now the sample is still with me. Always talk about relationship and stuffs. Take care Mr $2 man. Hehex.

    Kensyn Tan- Out of my 1 yrs plus in NPC , I only did once with ya. Always rmb that I was spit saliva and you kept avoiding. That was fun. Really miss all the fun that we used to have. Now you have ORD with me. Leaving Fazly behind. Haha. Mr Rhino aka Hamster. A guy who like to mimic others and did very well in it.

    Munirah- Though you only join our team for not long. I did patrol once with ya. You have a sense of responsibility and will always look after your partner. All the best!

    Benedict Ng- We always go to work together and go back together. Sounds like gay but we are not, its just that we stay near to each other. Dun be afraid in handling cases. Be more confident.

    Jean Guk- The miss blur queen in our team. But she’s one tough girl. Always fight for what she feel right. I always rmb the incident when you can’t find a I/C when its just below the keyboard and you came back to tell me you find thoroughly already. Lolx. No worries I will be turning up for your wedding. Take care in Team B.

    Fazly- The most playful guy among all. He and his UFC. Always bright up the team with his music and nonsense. Nice knowing you and thanks for always helping me in all sorts of ways. I know one day we will still meet out. Though me and kensyn have left. We will still be supporting you! JIWA!

    Makthum- Same age as me. A quiet guy but one who share the same goal as us cuz we all dun like the same one person =x. Happy for you that you had left the team. Hope you will be able to make it permanent. Work hard mak! Good luck.

    Thanks Ryan and Azli for always covering up my job. The rest who I had not mention. Thanks alot too for everything too. Very lazy to type already after typing so long. Missing everyone!

    .:. Sorry Cindy, no photo to upload yet. Do take care of urself at there too. Remember to miss all of us. Waiting to see your face turn red again(drunk). =p

  • ``Life is only worth living once you've found someone worth dying for ``
    8:39 PM

  • => .Monday, February 02, 2009.

    1 mth Celebration
    Today was the 1st special day of our relationship. So i decided to take one day leave for this special day. Waited at home whole day for dear to finish her lesson. So met dear at around 1730hrs when she came over and fetch me (sweet!~) . Actually we plan to go to Jumbo for this celebration but my dear is having a bad sore throat.(Poor things.. ) So in the end we decided to go to Kushing-Bo at Jurong Point. Its a nice and pleasant outing. So happy just to have dear by my side. Well we do have fun down there. When the first music starts playing, we were like "U go queue up ar. No u GO! . NO nO u go u go.. " In the end Its me who go but fail to get the crayfish. Sad. Sorry dear. Than when i go to the washing area. I wanted to tap on the soap however I realise that it is a sensor automated thing. Than the uncle who was beside me 'Monkey see Monkey do' Follow what I do and press very hard on the soup and nothing came out. haha. =X umm.. My dear ar.. I peel the prawn for her than place on the plate nicely and yet she dun want to eat. Than tell the waiter to clear the plate. So hurts but nv blame her at all. YEAH!! I WROTE IT HERE! Than when i went to take the ice cream for her, i thought that there was no mixture of the flavour(Green Tea & Vanilla) so i only took the vanilla one for her. In the end the family sitting beside us got a mixture one.. hehe.. Sorry again. After that we went to my 3rd uncle place for CNY visit. Went home at 2205hrs.
    Dear I just wan to say I miss you. Like getting used to have you by my side all the while. One day nv see you really make my day very low. I know its hard to meet everyday. But all I hope for is when I'm having my off . I'll be able to meet you. Whenever I had the chance to meet ya. I will be looking forward to it. I'll make myself sleep early so as the day and time will pass faster. Write so long le also dunno what i'm writing already.Last but not least Happy 1 month Anniversary to my only dear dear. I'll continue and increase my love for ya. Sweets MuaCks~!
    Little poem for our 1 mth anni:
    How can I say what is too much for words?
    A rainbow cannot fit into my heart.
    Perhaps we should be musical as birds
    Perched singing of our love with practiced art.
    You cannot taste my happiness, or feel
    A little of the chill of your caress.
    No word or metaphor can make it real,
    Nor song contain the truth I would express.
    In my love there are mountains miles high,
    Valleys rainbow carpeted, and wide
    Enough for clear, still lakes to steal the sky ...
    R-R-R-R!!! I cannot tell you what's inside!
    So you must turn to what you feel for me,
    And read therein my tender rhapsody.
    Reach deep, my love, and I will be there, too:
    You have me in your heart, as I have you.

  • ``Life is only worth living once you've found someone worth dying for ``
    1:08 AM

  • => .Sunday, February 01, 2009.

    ~Happy 1 mth anniversary~
    Firstly shall wish everyone a happy chinese new year. In this year of ox. Wish that everyone will be successful in everything they do. Heard that 'tiger' is quite good this year. well i'm looking foward to it too. lolx.
    Secondly, Wish my only dear dear a happy one month anniversary. Its like so long together and yet its only 1 month. haha. My wish for our one month will be as follows:
    1) Maintain the relationship like how we are now
    2) Dear must be healthy for a lifetime
    3) No quarrels or dispute
    4) Dear will always be mine
    My Promises for this one months will be as follows:
    1) Will love dear more than she love me
    2) Will take good care of her all the while
    3) Nv hurt or break her heart in any ways
    4) Protect her from all sorts of danger
    Dear.. thanks for showering ur care and love on me all this while. I will treasure you alot. Love you my one and only lovely dear bao bao... muacks~

  • ``Life is only worth living once you've found someone worth dying for ``
    12:33 AM

  • => .Saturday, January 17, 2009.

    Red Cliff 2
    Just got back home after watching 'red cliff 2' with dear at Jurong Point. Pretty nice . If I were to rate think I'll rate it (8/10).
    Well dear. How much you want to see me its the same as how much I want to meet you. Dun worry its not your fault in asking me out tonight. Part of it got to do with me too. Cuz I wan to meet you too. Thanks for being so considerate and thoughtful all the time. You have been giving in to me and had been very caring towards me.
    Maybe its just fate, everytime when plans come, I'll be on night shift. SIGH!!~. Of cuz I'm not unhappy at u turning up for that gathering. I'm just unhappy that why izzit that I'm the one who always can't attend for all this kind of occasion. Like friends gathering and sorts. Think I'm going to miss alot yet AGAIN. sigh. Maybe its just not my week!~
    Just feel like meeting you everyday. Maybe thats part of the reason on why I'm unhappy about all this. Cuz I feel that i can't be with you to enjoy this outing. Its very sad. But dun worry . I'll be fine one =D . Just feel that I'm so attracted to you. Am I being very selfish? Dun ever feel bad or blame yourself. Its never your fault~! ok. Love you..
    ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(

  • ``Life is only worth living once you've found someone worth dying for ``
    2:38 AM

  • => .Tuesday, January 13, 2009.

    KL Trip
    Just return back from KL for 2 days now. Yesterday spend whole day working so no time to blog. So here it goes....
    We left our homeland at around 4pm and I was pretty excited abt it. Than hop on the FIVE STARS bus and head to KL. My chair was ok but dear chair was =x(couldn't adjust the seats at all) But when watching movie. My set was =x(Couldn't even switch on) . lolx. So the journey was abt 5hrs. Reach there around 9pm. Got off the bus and people there start asking you "You want taxi?" . We didn't took their offer and so we walk to our hotel. It took us quite some time before we located our hotel which is call "Corona Inn" Thanks to chermain sharp eyes if not we will be passing by it without even noticing it. So check in and put our stuff inside our room and meet up straight for dinner. Food there was nice and cheap. After that we just walk around and I bought a Snoppy for dear which i was so stupid enough not to slash the price and just pay the exact amount =(. We than each bought one flowers and gave it to the girls. After that we bought beer to our hotel to celebrate our first trip together overseas. So we bought 10 Carlsberg at around RM99. After that went back to our hotel. After bathing we started to drink and we finish 10 bottle in like less than 2hrs? I think i drank the most (5 bottles?) Thanks to DEAR! lolx. After that ah boon eat my tofu. HAIZ! Slept around 4am.
    2nd Day:
    Woke up like 10 am. Head still abit giddy. Meet up everyone and we went to find our place for breakfast. Wanna find a shop selling Bak Ku teh but in the end could't find it after like 1 hr. So we settle ourself by having our Breakfast cum lunch at U cafe located near to the Sungei Wang. I was pretty quiet thruout cuz "I'm Tired" haha.After that we went to Sungei Wang for shopping. Good for the girls~We went for fish therapy (1st time worx) and it was kind of itchy. Cindy dun dare to put his leg in as she dun like the feeling of itchy. The fish was quite big and so we all were comparing who got the most fish. lolx. Thanks to Chermain and Si Song help me spot one snoppy keychain which i eventually bought for dear and surprise her. Thanks!Than Poor Si song got himself a headache and so we head back to our hotel at around 5.30pm. Relieve for me too cuz i was pretty tired after a long day of walk. So we rest till 7pm and than meet up for dinner . Actually Wanna go have COCA at the KL Plaza but in the end walk till there than notice that its under renovation. So we head straight to chinatown by taking their monorails and had our dinner there. Forgot the shop name but they are famous for their Fu Jian Mian. We tried few of their dish and we felt that the worst dishes is the Fu jian Mian.=x. lolx. So walk around at chinatown and bought lots of shirts there. SLASH SLASH SLASH . From 1 for RM55 can become 2 for RM30. lolx. We r good bargainer. World is so small that i'm able to meet Yazid and rest of Team'D' HQ ppl there. Was like kinda shock when someone called me there. lolx. So after finish our shopping we walk back to our hotel and took lots of photos which is still with chermain . Got back to our hotel at ard 2am and play cards. Slept ard 4am again .
    3rd Day:
    Woke up ard 10 am and pack our stuff. I was like squeezing everything inside dears bag as mine is like kinda small. lolx. So we went to have our breakfast at one Hong Kong Cafe and we order alot of things which we can't finish eventually. After that we went to chinatown again as si song wanted to buy shoes. Got myself a pair of sunglasses and and belts . It was a hard fight than we got a bargain. haha. The girls also got themselves some clothings. =). Soon after that we went to wait for our bus and left KL at ard 4.10pm. Reach S'pore at ard 8.45pm . Than we used the automated system at the custom. I was like being held back by one staff than my mind was like thinking " Oh shit wat happen? " In the end its because of the fingerprint which was not captured properly. PHEW~! So the bus drop us at Boon Lay Market and we had Nasi Lemak there. After that me and dear bought things back to my place first and give out the presents. Very sorry to mummy as i bought for everyone except her~Sorry. Cuz really dunno wat to buy. Everytime buy le than she nv use or dun wan it one. After that sent dear back home and had a first meeting with her mummy. Abit nervous. Dunno whether got give her any bad impression. Dear say no. So thinks No ba..haha.. So that comes to the end of our 3 days 2 night KL Trip.
    P.S:Think i sure left out something which i didn't write in. Can't rmb everything there. So Roughly ar.. sorry =D

  • ``Life is only worth living once you've found someone worth dying for ``
    12:42 PM

  • => .Monday, January 05, 2009.

    First Blog in 2009
    So this will be my first blog in 2009.
    A new year. A new start. Have already put down everything that had happen in 2008. By seeing CGK leave our team. Than Rizaliah leave next. Now Desmond is leaving today. The team is like breaking up. Pretty sad. Miss those time when we work together and solve thing together. Wanna thanks CGK and all for their guidance that enable me to get promoted. Though we can't work hand in hand anymore. But we still can meet up. Right!~
    Poly admission is just round the corner, gonna be busy this week and I'll be leaving S'pore this friday to KL. Will be back on Sunday. Dunno which course to enter, my mind now is all abt CNY. lolx.. Ang Bao.. =P
    countdown to meet u in 3 days time.
    will our stories be like fairytales..
    be my angel in my life ok...
    miss u so much....

  • ``Life is only worth living once you've found someone worth dying for ``
    11:43 AM